story of my life

Coffee Mug On A Rainy Day

I think that my very first post will be like an introduction to readers (you) about who am I, what on Earth am I doing and why should you read more about my blog and blah blah blah. But hey, a real thing is interesting for people to read and keep in touch with you is about showing how well I know about my inner-self, which will be somehow a guild or a path for most of the people out there, who is still unable to find who you are.

Right now, at the moment, my working place is messy and yet the smell of coffee with cream and heavy rain in Vietnam is kinda something really cool. This reminded me a lot ’bout my school life since most of the time I wondered around at home and had no friends (friendship was the most fabulous thing in my life back then). Beside of having zero-friend and don’t even ask me about do I have a girlfriend, my communication skill was not good while talking with many people in a room. But someone did come and changed everything.

A girl with an umbrella…

P/s this is not a Japanese ghost or something