story of my life

Why Coffee Mug?

I am sure that you will wonder why a coffee mug? Is there something special about it? For me is a big YES. This symbol is representing myself in people’s eyes, since I always hide my feeling and only a very few people can see what truly behind. Feeling is like coffee, and sometimes I have to put more flavor into it, so it would not be bad to taste for someone, sometimes it is not easy for someone to taste it. How about the mug? The purpose of having mug is to do what it is must do, and for me is to cover the taste of coffee (my feeling) inside.

The mug and its appearance or design is always the same for every first sight of looking at it, the next thing is about asking what is inside it and then would people like to taste it. As a person, you are going to change from times and sure that one day, people will leave you because of the taste they had from your coffee. People come and leave, people pick Matcha and don’t pick it anymore, people talk to you and no more. So what is your reason to change the taste of your very own? Have you changed it because you want them to stay? Or something else?

It is hard to change the way you are but if you do, there will be something incredible awaits you