story of my life

[Story of My Life] A Girl With An Umbrella

It was quite an ordinary day for me at home, started to sit on my favourite chair and hit the button to play my extraordinary game from 2010. But then, a strange number appeared on my phone and quite did make me confused a little bit since I only received a phone call from somebody except my own family. On the other side of the phone was my classmate and with his story, I kinda knew it was something about joined in some activities of cleaning the street or something and…seriously…on Sunday?!

Since I made up my mind by not stayed at home, which I really DO like it, I joined in this group for some kind of unknown reason (i guess so). I had to wait for them to come over, a girl showed up after an hour and asked me whether I wait for someone. It was a strange feeling inside my head because for me, open up and talk with someone first is not an option. For a few lines of introduction, I knew she was the leader of this charity group and during our first day’s activity, we collected trash and make the street behind our school. Those activities would have killed me since I was not ENJOYED it AT ALL, on the other hand, our leader was really cheerful and a question came up in my mind: how come you are so happy about this? This has been like this for one week and no matter you do, this will not last for long. She put a glance on me and knew what was in my mind.

“Hey man, don’t think this is a waste of time and afford, somehow people will change their behaviour in the near future”

I was already knew that but this answer let me to no-where but drove me to an action which was talked to her more and understand why this girl and these peopl were willing to join these kind of activities. And after a year of studied under the same highschool, gathered every pieces of conversation and observed from them, I knew one thing that changed myelf for the very first time: the more I tried to made something clear was the more I wanted to talk with that person, and somehow these converstations turned an introvert boy into someone…someone that be able to talk and make friends. It was a big thing in my life and I was lucky enough to be able to thank my leader once before she flew to Canada, it was a rainy day and under that rain, I saw a girl with an umbrella whom changed my life with her inspired stories, an umbrella can let people stay under together and feel what is it like to see the rain instead of hiding and play some games.