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[Story of My Life] What Is Right And Wrong

There are times that you and I will not be able to decide what is right and wrong, we wished that somehow those decisions could be only one way but life is like a rope, therefore right and wrong are always stay beside each other but our emotion will let us know what we have to do at a specific time.

Taking an example from the past, when our school life was all about this stuff. Do you remember it? Your favourite line that everytime people ask you whether you like this school or not, then your answer was “Oh men! This is the worst (best) decision ever since I ever made of my entire life!” and the list goes on. Guess what? At that time, you think this situation can or can’t be accepted and the next step you wanna do is to make something new based on your previous decision, perhaps to make something better. But then, you realize that it is so hard to do something right or wrong so this will lead you to a very complicated judgement whether to do it or not; the answer to help you out of that is:

every decision is both right and wrong, but the only thing that we need to be concerned about is time. An action will either be right or wrong during a specific of time.

I know this is nothing new to somebody but believe me, young people and even people having a hard time with their decisions is looking for good advice, to learn and understand this deeply so they won’t be stuck in their decision from long ago.