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[Story of My Life] Anger Will Lead to NOTHING

The easiest way to release bad energy before it burst out into an anger is to admit our mistake and listen to criticism, advice or anything because we would not know how bad can it be to rage on.

It is a truth that I am a short and hot-tempered person since I easily get frustrated due to some reasons. But after a time of talking to people around me, I realized that the reason why I am such an a-hole during the whole time just because of avoiding myself plus my mistakes from doing something wrong.

Eliminating a bad habit alone is not enough. You must take steps to replace it with a positive habit. Since stress and boredom are the two leading causes of how a bad habit forms, which in my case is my anger, it’s natural for our brain to crave the bad habit again if we have nothing else to do. For some of you may not understand why anger had to do something with stress and boredom, this is the way to release this bad energy inside me and people.

It was super hard and really drive me crazy since I don’t want to admit my fault and also cannot take criticism from the outside just because someone else had done it instead of me.Rather than whipping yourself for it, excuse yourself. We, as a whole commit error, even a portion of the best competitors and world-class pioneers blunder once in briefly. The essential thing is that you have to go down and proceed onward. Make sense of what made you slip once again into the negative behavior pattern and plan for accomplishment next time.

Toward the day’s end, figuring out how to bring an end to negative behavior patterns is just 10% of the condition. The other 90% originates from making a move and continuing on through the troublesome battles that will definitely come. The good news is that once you discover how to break one bad habit, you can break all the other bad habits in your life as well.