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[Story of My Life] 3 Activities for Making Your Day

There will be more than 3 activities from other people but with me, I will just focus on how to make myself feel better whenever I wake up from my bed and prepare to do something. Sometimes, it would be strange for us to wake up and feel so empty, there is no reason or particular activity AT ALL that can drag you off the bed and so on, but don’t be so blue about it because everyone does the same thing once in their life too. So it would be my pleasure to show you 5 quotes that will generate a better energy, eventhough just a single thought.

  1. Cleaning Your Room
  2. Looking at your photo galerry
  3. Having breakfast or brunch at somewhere new

Of course, it is quite simple and might not be agreed by you or the majority, but I really do find myself of thinking more and try to do something else beside sit on my bed or sofa all day, the logic is simple: if you can move your body in some ways, your mind will start to think and connect what you are doing with others (such as cleaning can relate to music and then after cleaning you will think of playing guitar or listening to some more music and even share this piece of music with other friends, the list go on)

Those activities above are visual related, which connect somehow to your daily activity and during your down mood season, a new point of view will help you see new thing that normal you don’t.