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[After Work] Losing Track of Your Career

Recently, I’ve been buried under my friend’s comment and conversations about how he or she felt so tired and bored with the job. No matter how hard I try to convince or slapped them (just kidding) but in the end, they are still at the same mood and it really feels like I am talking to someone who spend their life more than 30 years without a solution.

So honestly, I have come down to my ultimate suggestion: taking a long break – sabbatical (paid leave or something) or just quit your job and find somewhere else to freshen up a little bit, find your strength and happiness in the industry that you believe they can give you a reason to work proactively, not just because that job or career dump a lot of tasks and duties into your life.

Don’t waste time on whining with other people about what you can’t do, use that time for making decision and do it because you only live once

But before my friends or you want to choose between Sabbatical or Quit your job, please read the purpose of doing so below, for Sabbatical, consider it as a long break (summertime for students as usual):

  1. Relaxation from burn-out or repeated tasks
  2. Learning new skills which related to your current job or hobbies
  3. Traveling to somewhere else (not even the World, maybe just around your corner, new places with new tastes)

Again, this part of yours is very important since it must be allowed by your emotion, if you don’t wanna do it then you have no more excuse to make because if you don’t take care of yourself by give it times to relax then who will do it? Your bosses? For quitting job, quite simple and every big or small rules in this case will not be discussed in here since I know you are learning it from your heart. Using time wisely when you decide to quit and here are things that you should do:

  1. Always keep your resume/ CV up-to-date
  2. Keep yourself healthy and don’t be a best friend with computers, games or TV series and popcorns (remember your family and friends not imaginary friends)
  3. Avoid people or delete social network from your ex-workplace is a bad move EVER
  4. Create good web presence and it is horrible to say something bad about your workplace, we all did but just don’t after you quit
  5. Create activities for yourself like blogging, jogging or researching new skills, knowledges

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing time with your family or friends, you shouldn’t consider it to be an extravagance. We as a whole need time for ourselves. It’s the means by which we survey how far we’ve come, and where to go next. So abstain from feeling regretful! Nothing is good or bad, it is just your feeling and how you grow.