story of my life

[Story of My Life] 4 Questions That Change My Life & Now Is Your Turn

Living in the Wolrd of technologies and rich data from every corner of my life, the most important thing that I always do is to research and keep up-to-date myself. How can I do it daily is another thing to concern about, but rather than focusing on my result, I will give you hints to change from your first day. It is quite strange that people keep asking less than the day they were born into this World because we feel not okay to ask somebody about something, somehow this form the biggest barrier from us to wisdom.

There are so many questions and answers that will surprise you but here, you will find something that let you discover yourself, and each question would let you come to most viable decision that you might not ever think about it, questions that change my life with big decision that nobody can tell me what to do because I know that I can trust myself and my skills, so do you.

  1. Who are you?” is a very difficult question to answer and you will feel uncomfortable to talk about it, then change to this “What are the characteristics that made you?
  2. What are the things that you like and hate from others and from you?
  3. Do you like to teach or mentor? So ask yourself “Do I enjoy this stuff?
  4. What did you learn from your very best moment and worst moment (even in love and don’t try to hide from it)

Get your paper or whiteboard, write your characteristics down from the worst to the best (do try to ask from other people too since you will not see some hidden characteristic because this shall require some special environment).

Every piece of you is unique and those answers on your paper or whiteboard will help you improve a lot and don’t be afraid to know yourself, accept and live with it, you don’t want to live in the World of having love from everybody.