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[After Work] 3 Things To Avoid In Workplace

There are lots of things to avoid in our workplace but for me to show you, there are 3 basic things that happens most of the time, these are common mistakes for us but within an organization, it is not and will create a very weird environment whenever you start to work.

Exaggerating something in front of co-workers

On top of my list is an action that being considered as the most childish thing I have ever seen. All of us may notice that working environment is really stressful sometimes and also take us to another level of so call “Impossible to do it!”. But whatever you do then don’t just scream or whining about it because everyone could (maybe up to 70%) understand the situation like you. It is hard to calm yourself when you hear something really not good, this is our nature, but take my advice, go to the restroom alone and try to wash your face, breath deeply and ask yourself this: how does this effect me?

At the end of the day, our emotion will be all over the place if we don’t come down to the bottle of things. Try to ask yourself why that problem will make you become a time bomb, smash the desk or door, because when you do admit to your answer, there will be no anger at all.

Anger is about expressing yourself due to stress, unfair or injustice, because of now being able to do the thing that you think it is right. Do yourself a favor, let your anger go by answer those questions which led you to the stage of overreacting.

Try to convince or meet the boss without facts and figures

It is totally a bad idea whenever you want to call for a meeting, 5 minutes talk or ask for something from your boss without a clear mind and strategy. Our bosses are always busy with their management so every minute that spent with you and your team in the meeting room must be quality, in terms of time management and agenda. There was one time I heard from my boss after my supervisor’s presentation that “this is so meaningless and wasting our time because I don’t see your figures and data, all of your speech from the very beginning was only based on basic raw data and feeling, from now on if there is nothing change or just slightly a little bit, then just inform me via my email or Skype. Morning update is enough for me! 

It is not how often you have a meeting with your boss, don’t treat it like a quota or KPI or something, be very certain about what will be presented during the meeting and why should you and your boss have this meeting. Furthermore, don’t misunderstand between meeting and brainstorming.

Knowing company’s history is good but using its mistakes to against your own company is a bad idea

Get to know and learn your company’s profile is good but always remember to draw the line clearly, because anything happened in the past may not be the same by the time you are working with the company.