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“Lovely” Things In My Meeting

I am not that type of person run around and point the finger at problems, and say “Please fix it and do that!” but by the time I have to say it which means the situation is not comfortable at all and need to take an action.

Meeting with an Incompleted Task

For today, I met someone, or in fact, a whole team which currently is doing a project together with my production team. They are totally  nice, good guys to talk with but a little problem with that is they can’t make things in order. Can you imagine that my project was started in way back a year ago, and until now they came up with a meeting without any more added value things to discuss and develop? Things could be better if they presented to me and my boss a completed pieces of work but it turned out to be a demo. The next thing my whole team heard was like this:

In general, the software is DONE, but still has SOME bugs and defects

For just a second, I thought that he was making a joke about our software ….then everything he said was true, my boss turned to me and his eyes told me like this:

Do we have time for this?

I knew my boss’ feeling since we had to wait for this moment so long and received so little on the result. When I required his team to gave us some back-end work ( it is about code and transcript) which is how they structured those things, the answer was a postpone that let us wait for another 4 working days because they did all things in their mind. How genius and adorable was that? I was about to ask whether they could make it in time for us, my boss gave a signal for my team to leave the room.

After the Meeting

I know that the story is only a recap our daily meeting, you could be in a worse situation than mine since later on, I discovered the reason behind their mistakes: they didn’t shape their team members into the same page, they also didn’t set a realistic goal to achieve. So these are two among many problems that I could tell you about it. What do you think? There are way more than that and of course, leave your comments below and show me more about what could have been done to make our meetings better.