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1 year anniversary

There is no word that can describe our feeling during last night, people say that 1 year is not long and not much memories of being together. But for us, we went through a lot of things, learnt from each other of how love can be expressed in many different ways.

For my very first time, looking for a place to have a sweet anniversary is not easy since I have never done it before. Then suddenly SI Restaurant’s Facebook ads appeared, after a 2 days’ long check from both its website and rating site from others, I decided to book this beautiful place before our anniversary 2 months, since I really don’t want to lose the opportunity to have a fine dinner with my beloved at all.


My impression about this place is the decoration as you can see above, lovely and green, which is a big plus for us because we really do care about the environment and healthy life, so with this design, we felt so fresh and new. But that was not over yet, since this beautiful scene brought some memories of us back to the time when we first met each other, the feeling of peace and need each other in our life.13709875_878734925604659_6045612826989469076_n.jpg

Telling you the truth that it was hard for me to held a pen and wrote down calligraphy after a long time of only using computer. But finally, I could be able to put myself and feelings inside this lift anniversary card for her, quite a strange feeling because I never, ever wrote something like this under any special event, until now.13728951_878734932271325_653834934626690476_n.jpg

Here it is, our dinner with this cozy place, private and adorable. We spent quality time with each other, talked about how we felt for each other and how much we glad that we found love in ourselves. Sometimes, love is hard to explain and find it, but when the time come, just let it be and embrace each other until the time is through, no matter what will come. Love is now, for every moment, live and enjoy it as much as you can.


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