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Be Happy Be Yourself Be Responsible

Some people say that love is hard and harsh sometimes, happiness and relationship are like something out of the blue and drive people crazy about it, make them feel up and down all the time. But then, what would you gonna do about it? Run away or accept the way it is? Neither of them will depends on your decision, but for now, I will put down some notes for my own and maybe this time with these notes, you can find something useful for yourself and your partner too.

To Become Happy & Earn Some Respect: Be Responsible

That’s right! Something that you will find it funny and nothing relate to happiness but then, think about when is the last time you decide and take action on something? How do you feel about it when everything’s finished by your own thoughts and steps? Every first step might be hard for you, of course, but don’t let this stop you from becoming someone who is willing to step forward, look into things and decide what to do about it rather than sit back and relax, wait for it to be ended by someone else.

It is good to chill out and we will find it really happy at first…then people will start to look at us with a disappointed eye or worst, because they know that somehow we are not interesting in anything, or willing to do anything. The relationship will getting worse from time, and we start to notice that no one will like to talk or share things to us. Don’t let this happen, one day we will sing “Lonely! I’m Mr. Lonely! I have no body!”

Live in the Moment

Every moment is fleeting, and our time on this earth is short. Everything that we experience is only temporary; nothing lasts forever. Be focus on what you are doing, and what you can do to enhance the situation to workout in your favor. Getting comfortable during times of peace isn’t a suitable practice. Letting your motivation down won’t bring any good for you later on. Always upholding the beauty of every moment, and build for the future today, your own future and be responsible with every single steps you have made.