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Singapore Trip (Part 2)

There is nothing can compare or describe my feeling when having more than 20 people entered Changi Airport successfully. Honestly, I couldn’t sleep the day before the trip because I kept thinking if someone left behind or something will happen during the trip, there were a long list of “IF” from my head.

The night we spent in Changi Airport was full of fun and so many strange feelings deep down inside from my friend’s heart, because that was their first time ever which flew out of Vietnam and saw so much things that they could only search through the Internet. But there was one thing that I missed out: blanket and sleeping travel eye-patch. How could I totally forgot about those two things in people’s memo? It was a night like 3 years ago since I knew that cold so well like an old friend of mine, but this time I wouldn’t be like that alone.

So this was how I spent the night, pretty cool and fun since we did found out that Terminal 3 was the most beautiful place. It was easy to understand since we were all cold and not used to the place, so in the end, we gathered around and tagged along in the terminal. By waiting for the rest to wake up and ready for the next day’s trip, we instructed the next place where we would had a breakfast: Toast Box with its very traditional food – Kaya Toast. At first, my friends tended to order something beside toast but after that I realized that there was only one dish stood out…Moving around is quite tired for people who come first time in Singapore, lots of stuffs and fast moving environment would cause some traumatic and dizzy. So we decided to call the landlord and rest first rather than threw ourselves inside the Marina Reservoir.

In the evening, we went to China Town and be treated by stalls with special dishes around this area. It was amazing, we were all enjoyed the view and even blended well inside Clarke Quay, where people are usually party all night long during Friday and weekend. The very first day in Singapore was planned according to my intention, get used to the living style and bewared of how different between Vietnam and here.