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Because We Are All Living & Sharing

Sometimes we do need our own time, of being ourselves and take a deep breath, look into the sky and wonder: how did I spend my life through all this time? How do I think about my job? How about my relationship with my beloved one or friends?

First of all, I wanna say a big sorry to my fans on WordPress, since my work load is raising recently and the Internet signal was not strong enough for me to connect to WordPress server and log in. But I did take sometimes like this period to chill out and think more about myself whenever I could, since we know that we are all living in a fast moving World. So, what did I do? As usual, I questioned my own with those questions above because they are my core things and of course, my vision of the person that I want to become.


Until now, I have worked with more than 10 great people with unique personality that I never ever could imagine to be able to work with them before. Each of them bring out the best of me, lots of things to learn and apply, throwing parties of each month which we had a birthday of someone in this little family. Since we are back from Singapore trip, our bonds are stronger and we do cherish the time of working as a team. But then, everything is always happens for a reason, my company is changing its business direction into a new one. At the end of the day, one after one, they left and on top of that is we are learning from each other again, but this time is not about skills or anything related to work, rather than relationship and time of understand each other’s dream.

I am one of the 3 old members can stay with this new direction because we are able to work under tied schedule and do lots of research in English, plus that we are interesting in this particular field. Even though my company┬áis┬áin a gloomy working atmosphere, which is really different from before, we did managed to help each other stand up and find another job with head hunters and through networking. It is hard to see one by one left the company, somehow we know that one door closed is another open…but still, we want to move on together and stay under one roof.