story of my life

A Positive Mind Must Be Learnt

I know it might sounds crazy, but for the last more than 6 years in living without a positive mind, made me like a mad man and tough to deal with. At the beginning, there was no reason at all for me to cheers about something, think about good sides of someone; everything is dark and hard to trust. In this time, trust and luck are really something that I was strongly believe that such a thing didn’t exist in my Wold of living. Along the way, my characteristics were strange, unfriendly and always had a deadly cold eyes since I didn’t want people to come and hang around.

Then, I met my girl, one of the most beautiful and lovely woman that I’ve ever seen in my life. For the very first time I could understand myself, my inner feelings toward to her that it seems like I found trust again and what people so call: happiness and luck.Our characteristics are very different, exactly like what you could find in “Man from Mars and Woman from Venus”. At some points, I don’t have enough courage to expose myself with these new feelings, but from time, she showed me what needs to be done and how should I think about something, more importantly is how to act and think with a positive mind. Until now, I can work and live a happier life more than ever before, it is not because I read something out of the book or learnt from a movie, but from my relationship, I spend more time with my better half on education, vacation, explore new places and even face into our fears together. Into those things, there are goals and opportunities for me to know more about myself, a trail to follow and expose my positive mind onto something. These are the sense of accomplishment, courage to go after new goals, and lasting increased confidence

Some fears maybe even hindering you professionally. Those fears might be real or not, it doesn’t matter, the moment I chose to do it, I knew that something will be there and wait for me. Use these techniques when I want to do something different in my life or to set a goal for personal growth. Embrace the uncertainties that I have to face, and have the confidence which I can handle whatever comes my way. These are my own milestones to grow myself up from negative mind, how about yours?