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What Is Love and Missing Each Other?

Recently, the sky in my city is turn  into something quite sad with its heavy rain. People is starting to rush toward their home, but at the end of the day, we are stuck in the middle of traffic jam. There is no way back and completely fill up with people on every street. So I head to my girl’s home, which is not far much from my location. The only thing that stuck in my head for this whole evening is my girl, since I have no idea whether she’s back or not, yet I wanna make sure that everything is okay for her. People might say that it is crazy and waste of time because I should go home and let my girl take care of her life, but guess what, I couldn’t do it and there is no particular reason for me to say no to her.

There was a time that I believed there will be no way I could fall in love and feel so fragile , so vulnerable again. But then, life is always full of surprises because those things come to me once again between me and my babe. I know this bloody feeling run through my spine and rush my heart beat by any seconds whenever I say goodbye to her. I always hate that moment, the moment when I have to say goodbye to her and give a big hug, so afraid of losing everything in this love.

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I did asked about her feeling if I love her like this…does she feel anything like uncomfortable or stuff like that. Her smiles and kiss on my lips were her answers…”there will be no love like yours, I love everything from you and anything that you did for us”


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