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Recently, me and my friend are having some thoughts about open a co-working space for people who likes to work outside of their cubes. So during this time, I am so busy with research and collect ideas, concept from everywhere from the Internet and even walked into a co-working space in Ho Chi Minh city. But then, what I found out was: there is nothing so call “Working Space” because all of those places are about coffee and taking photos. So in the end, there is a hope for me to think and approach this new concept, which is purely design with new style and environment…wait and see what will happen.

Coworkrs’s NYC coworking space:

Coworkrs’s NYC coworking space

NeueHouse is an upscale coworking campus built for creative entrepreneurs and tech companies that offers them experiences, work spaces and personalized services that foster new ideas and important associations. Currently, ... Read More:


CityDesk5-e1424718902358.jpg (1000×667):

City Desk Miami

The Wave Coworking Offices – Conference Suite, Hong Kong:

The Wave Coworking Offices

Studio O+A designs exposed brick and concrete headquarters for Yelp in San Francisco.:

Studio O+A

Pinterest's San Francisco headquarters by All of the Above and First Office:

Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters