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A Man and A Boy

It is not difficult to recognize the signs of a whether he just wanted to take advantage of your affection for his own purposes or as a man know your interest. To help you recognize your man, I have something to share with you.

  1. Your man will bring good things for you. A bad guy will only make you mad all day.

2.A promise is a promise, your man will do it because deep down inside his heart, he is willing to do it

  1. Your man will see your success is the pride of all him, let you feel comfortable and confident with your decision, and glad that you can stand on your own feet. Please don’t think bad about this case ’cause some of you might think gals are always weak and need a helping hand. Please don’t feel that way, you are amazing and beautiful in many ways, strong more than any man and wise enough to make any decision.

  2. Your man thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in his eyes. Bad guys with wandering eyes on the body of any other girl. I think somehow it be incorrect because it is a mixture from having “the one” in man’s heart and looking at different woman, I don’t have any sense of looking at girls passing by the streets since I only think about my girl, lovely animals. That’s it! So with this point, I have no argument so far.

  3. More or less, you will see that every day with your man will always be special and full of love; from morning message to a bouquet of flowers or just a song through your voice mail.

  4. Your man will sometimes be very talkative whenever with you but still, by the time you start to talk and make conversation, there is nothing could him more interesting than your voice and story.

  5. Your man will always gives you a sense of security and protection. The man is very good at making you jealous bad infuriating and always wanted to check his phone (of course, never touched the phone he was then). A good man is not just only big, muscle or 6 pack and loads of money, the think about this “security” and “protection” is the time when your man can make a decision and think far more than just for himself or recklessly do something just because you like it. In short, think before he acts and think again about his action toward something.

  6. His family, yup, he always want to introduce you to all the friends and relatives of his. Bad guys to hide everything, you did not even know where his house, he only knew to head in the same alley.

  7. There is more than just taking care of you,  your man will have this sense when be with you, the feeling of taking care his precious one, enjoyed both small care for you. The man does not even bad for your care about.


10. It is quite common for me to do this: text my girl and ask whether she got home safe or not, I am not telling you that I am a model or something but I believe that this act from mine is not controlling or things like that but to calm down my feeling since there are lots of things could happen on the road. A text from this situation could make you think “why he’s always asking the same question for days?” but please, it is just to confirm with our minds that you are back home safely.

So in the end, good luck with your journey and one more thing, don’t find your man, let him find you and prove that he’s worth for your care and love.