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5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Effective Into Success

Lately, I did read a book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which is astonishing in reminisce about what I learn and influence my way of working, thinking for the past 8 years. The context is accessible that lead by example, but on top of that is the strong self-reflection in order to help readers discover things in their lives such as self-awareness, imagination, conscience & independent will.

For the next 2 days, there was a conversation between me and my co-worker, the topic was about how she can get out of the stress and do the job effectively during the day; after 2 hours of back-and-forward, we did figured out the step that need to be taken during her working day, here what it is look like:


Start planning for the day

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Figure 1: PDCA’ Cycle from Google

We might’ve heard this advice from lots of pages, articles, and research from well-known people: plan your day after you wake up in the morning, because it’s the best time of the day when we can spend some quality alone time to think and plan for the day.

To be able to do so, we have to prepare & perceive some other things first; if we want to plan wisely, we need to see the purpose of why planning so. By aggregate the information from our previous execution’ result, we can clearly determine what – when – how – why of serving for a certain desire.

Research for your job scope & company expectation

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Settle time is crucial, knowing what to do with your position could help you a lot. Plus, know-how to connect your success with the demand from the company will reward you greatly in the long run (begin with the end in mind – think win-win).

From times, we would jump right of to the new position without a question of getting familiar with the job description, somehow it’s good to do so if we’re in the same position, industry for a period of time, but as a suggestion, we need to look at the job description, envision on the daily basis, furthermore: research on cross-organization to get a bigger picture on your position: what are the jobs that similar or non-similar to yours.

In addition, knowing our job scope is good but how to make it into great? Here it is the time to match your action – result into the company’s vision & mission.

The more we reflect ourselves, reconnect on what we’ve learnt to what we did, we could rediscover many important things that could lead us to successful with effective research

Figure-out the routine of your daily basis

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Knowing what happen to you during the 8-hour of working as a pattern would extremely help you in scheduling an effective working day (be proactive -synergize). Working in a private or cross-functional projects would let us experience new things such knowledge or skill, but have we sit down and connect the daily basis of this 8-hour of working into a pattern? What need to be done in a day/ week/ month? Is it happen chronologically or randomly?

By considering the occurrence of surrounding, we can proactively prepare ourselves for most of the situation.

Understanding the prioritize matrix in order to reasonably say “no”

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By acknowledging the urgency & importance from the request that come to you, you will easily put through the decision making whether to say “yes” or “no” with certainty. (put first thing first – seek first to understand then to be understood).

Situation or issue come to us frequently but in many different forms, but down from the bottom of the bottle, it’s just information and the way we conceive it to generate our next reaction. Something important but does not need right now or vice versa, so there are 4 sections that we need to take a look into:

  1. Important – Urgent: do it now!
  2. Not Important – Urgent: delegate it!
  3. Important – Not urgent: plan it!
  4. Not important – Not urgent: screw it, there is no point in doing this!

You need courage to pursuit information from others, talk to people to get a clear situation because we’re not just do it for ourselves but also to others, too.

Always review and look back on the day

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This is the time that we will use to relax and self-reflect, reconnect & re-discover about ourselves (sharpen the saw).

In fact, we don’t do this timely or not at all at some point, since the thought of “let’s call it a day” is literally relax and no think about work at all. So now it’s the point for us to upgrade and add more value to this time.

By reflecting on what we did during the day would help us procreate the scenario, so as to collect data & information. This will lead us to the next step of reconnecting them to ourselves, then it shall let us rediscover many ways of thinking and response under a certain stimulus.

So what do you think about those steps? You’re welcome to leave comments and may even discuss with me on matters. Thank you for your time and if you find out something of yourself after reading this, please do share & like the post.