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Benefits From Planning

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Back in my previous blog: 5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Effective Into Success; I mentioned about planning at the beginning of the day but didn’t make it with details on how to approach and practice this habit daily or weekly.

In order to plan easily and effectively, I start with a full picture of my day (since I really enjoy the alone time to review myself & visualize what happen to my 16-hour); it would give me a chance of observing as a 3rd-person from any point of view, for I would say this is a short story, and everyday would become a small chapter that it could be reviewed, reconnected & rediscovered.


This is not a one-day routine nor a habit which could be obtain through a night, by fully visualize our day during the end of our day (this is a perfect time to do so since I did finished all the primary things that should be taken care of), I need to review all the events with information but not the emotion itself. Mostly, we just stop at the result of what we did such as how the meeting end up with a huge disappointment from participants, but surely we didn’t review the whole meeting from its beginning. Instead of doing so from time to time, I start with 3 main questions:

  1. What information did I get from today?
  2. What information did not clear for me from today?
  3. What event did make me think most until now?

From this point, I will start to review a picture of my day where I could understand myself and even the person who involved in a particular event in terms of approaching an issue, solving a problem or perceive a range of data. During this time, there is no pressure in putting feeling because I’m extracting the information from any action of the day, which shall become my foundation of moving on to the next step: reconnect.

Reconnect & Rediscover

By reconnect, I would compare it to a retrospective in my workplace, since it’s a perfect way to put all things on the table and see what I did from yesterday, what are things that I’ve done for today and last but not least is the difficulties while perform a certain activity. Otherwise, you can imagine this is a step in which we shall connecting the dots in order to create a meaningful story. This is the phase where I shall both realize and learn something from my day, it’s not just a single day from a lifetime but a full vision of different days.