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Between College & University

People primarily attend colleges or university to increase their knowledge and for career preparation. Moreover, we seek to have a better social position by earning a higher degree in a particular field of study.

college and learning

In the past, society is emphasising the importance of the degree because of its validity and benchmark among the candidates; which shall result in the unfair comparison between the college and university degree. However, it was the story of yesterday, and with the new perspective from current society, we now have a proper judgement on “what makes a good education?” rather than which school do we have to choose.

We go to college or university is because it’s the most common way of learning adequate knowledge, plus experience from our lectures. The core value of studying is to see the relationship between theory and practice. Unfortunately, we occasionally see the experience side due to the outweigh of knowledge. The act of learning in school will result in the vague future of not knowing what or how to define oneself value and even a proper career path with skills needed.

Some of us shall pursuit the learning path to enhance and find a connection between practice and data to perceive a better understanding of translating those items into information. It’s also a borderline to determine us as a moving-forward person or just an ordinary employee who’s always satisfied with where and who we are.

In conclusion, no matter where we perceive a higher education with the college or university, but it’s the needs of a better society recognition, a suitable managerial position with valuable insight and experience.