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Leadership & Gender

Leadership is not a newfangled topic anymore, and people can search for the definition throughout the internet or join a class of how to become an effective or proactive leader. However, the idea of leading an organisation seems to have a misunderstanding between capability and gender.

Firstly, the idea of directing people isn’t approaching with the physical appearance, but more about the way of doing so. By using the deduction methodology, we shall observe and find out that there isn’t any pattern regarding good leadership with gender. With a broader perspective always reveals to chroniclers that conflict is a general behaviour of humanity. There is no lore behind the guy could cause less conflict than a lady and vice versa.

Not to mention that the environment easily influences human, this is also an issue when we can’t define the root cause of conflict but still rush for the assumption in which gender is playing a significant role in precipitating the friction.

Above all, there are stories around what makes a good leader and how to become one of them, and those lore are not even tolerate the war of gender but rather than the professionalism and principle of traversing people.

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from James Padolsey