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Video Games & Its Value

Learning can become even more vigorous than ever before with the help us with visualisation and sounds. However, it’s still a vague idea regarding academic and efficiency. There are 2 reasons for us to consider the advantages of using Video Games as a way of learning or even inspiring people to develop themselves with knowledge and technical skill.

two people playing Sony PS4 game console

There are many points to support the idea. Firstly, Video Game is not only about the play and play it all the time but also its value and the brilliant idea behind those moving characters and solving a puzzle. As a gamer, I acknowledge all the hard work from the game studio and upholding the key message from their child (this usually talking about the product that we hold dear to our heart). Those messages could be about how to appreciate our lives, what to do in a particular situation or even to improve language skill. Not to mention the significant role of Video Game is to connect people from around the world, develop a way of communication and learn more about the culture from each other.

Secondly, Video Game can trigger the curiosity from making a completed game with many questions, such as “How could this character make?” , “What kinds of technology should we use to create this game?”. Despite the fact of playing games can affect our health negatively if we don’t know how to balance the time and nutritious wisely, we still do agree to the benefit of raising questions and find an answer by ourselves proactively.

To give an illustration of what I mean, let’s look at the case of when our brain counters a cascade from Tetris, we shall question when can we do a cascade (or a waterfall) and how should we do it properly that avoid the blockage as much as possible. From times, our hands and brains continue to develop the habit of observing the situation before choosing a slot for that particular minos (a block that we see in Tetris). From the moment of immersing to the gaming world with Tetris, Contra, Mario, Donkey Kong, Galaga and much more, we see an incredible rise of the game development, but the core value from making game remains: to connect and entertain players from any continents.

So, what do you think about Video Games and self-learning? This short paragraph is to represent a little bit of how great it can be. Leave a comment if you like or even share your thoughts.

boy playing donkey kong arcade box