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Self-improvement & Gym

To achieve a better self-concerning mentally and physically, we start to learn new things and train our bodies in different ways. Notably, doing exercise or put it in another way is to hit the gym periodically is an option which is mostly considered by Baby Boomers and Millenials recently.

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Talking of which, I would hit the gym three times a week and another two days for swimming with my folks. To maintain a schedule like mine, we need to take a small bite first because of the resolution and persistence. By having super effective exercises, I need to know the objective for the day and be able to answer the question of what muscle should I focus for today’s gym section.

Usually, I tend to focus on building different muscle groups with the strategy of gaining mass, plus burning fat at the same time; and this is a long way to see its result because of my understanding on my body composition and the needs. People start to hit the gym so hard and focus only one muscle group and hope that it shall gain more mass, cutting shape; this is a mistake because of the only thing we do like that is to burn out faster without any positive result on our body.

Provided that we bear in mind the idea of muscle groups and its movement, we shall easily arrange a variety of action to maximise the contraction and “feel” the muscle. As I mentioned with the 3-day of the gym, my activities will be:

Day 1: Chest – Triceps – Bicep
Day 2: Swimming
Day 3: Back – Shoulders – Traps
Day 4: Abs – Legs – Calves
Day 5: Swimming

Not only having a physical activity but training my mind with reading books, deep work and cancel distraction. Always spend an hour before my sleep to review my day is another practice of reconnecting myself to all the events within that day. By keep doing this daily, I find a better way of understanding and observing the environment, including myself from the distant, and we favour to see rather than acknowledge.

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