Learning Perspective

For centuries, people believe that learning is crucial for oneself development, and the more we grow up is the more we crave for a particular knowledge base on our interest. This result in fascinating debates between two parties in which hold dearly to the idea of concentrate on delivering all subjects in school, and focus on subjects that teenagers are best at with lots of passions. Both views create a significant outcome in terms of teaching and consulting a person to stay true to themselves in their life and the articles shall explain each point of view with pros ‘n’ cons.

It’s undeniable for us to see the advantages and disadvantages of having teenagers concentrate on all school subjects. First of all, by learning all subjects at school, students shall be provided an overview of the mechanism of the surrounding. Using a particular methodology in transferring the information toward learners, we can ensure the baseline of knowledge from graduating and moving on to the higher level. On the other side of the coin, the student will find it is very difficult to balance all the credits and their healthy life; because of the demanding schedule and results, the student needs to grind through all the semester with information that they might have never know before. Obviously, teenagers are going to have a solid foundation in most of the subjects, but without any suitable environment to harness the skills that knowledge shall be turned in vain.

By far, with a new raise from letting students choose their own subject to fill in their wish list, they can focus with extra interest and passion for perceiving the knowledge. In details, students who experience this new teaching method could provide a better answer in knowing who they are and what occupation they really want to work in the near future; but focusing mainly on studying what we care is different from how we can fully exploit ourselves. It is the matter of fact that without the knowledge of different subjects, students are vulnerable to those areas where their interest is nearly zero, and this will become a major problem in the long run.

Notably, there isn’t a strong answer to claim the rightful place of the most suitable teaching methodology, but we know that not only teenagers but also adults can choose their own style to perceive appropriate information with guidance from seniors. It depends on the characteristics and human nature to choose between concentrating on all subjects or just a few interesting of them to master.