Communication Technology

black and brown rotary phone near gray wall

Since there is a substantial evolution in the way of communicating during the recent decades, people have benefited from modern technology to help them reach each other in many convenience ways. I strongly agree to the given point that we might say it is beneficial to use the modern communications technology, but some may not have a chance to know it.

First of all, social media is the in thing at this moment, and properly it shall be improved during the next couple of years, in which we can find a booming in using VR & AR to visualise the message between senders and receivers. Notably, the mission of new gadget is to help us cancel the noise, a term which we use to describe things that interfere the transition from person to another one while using the different type of channels. By using the latest technology, we can use them to deliver secure, thoroughly well-designed content; but without the integrity and fall into the wrong hand, those techs could cause lots of issues which related to privacy and consent.

Secondly, even though it is a nice thing to have the latest piece of technology in our home to communicate, people shall find it difficult to get familiar with all the features. Therefore, as a designer, we should be aware of this behaviour and mindset to create a friendly user technology. It is a common thing for us to see there are so many options to choose to make a call, send a message but in general they represent the same pattern of creating a meaningful message between sender and receiver.

In summary, many people could benefit from the revolution of communication technology, and some may not feel the same way. Those are tools to carry a message, but the meaning behind it depends on the goodwill or not. Overuse technology can ruin a relationship and bring chaos purposely. But without the advance in this particular industry, others shall not be able to make a leap into creating something incredible.