story of my life


Today is the first session of being a coachee, quite fuzzy during this time with lots of thoughts and things to do. But then, when I am into that conversation, there was new energy – trust between the coach and me. Lately, I was in the midst of nowhere and ran to the unknown to define the word Flexibility; everything comes with a price and as I always expected from the situation: what would I choose to expand my comfort zone? As long as we were in the coaching session, I started to connect the dots inside my head; carefully presented the idea not only to the mentor but also to my inner-self.

I have my feeling upon how to see Flexibility as one of my strength and try to avoid that by covering it up with reasons. But now I could see it clearly: To move up to the next level of Flexibility, I would present myself by using a metaphor.

From what I’ve experienced, there is so much assumption and the way I treated my partnership was incorrect, the more I put my feeling and ego onto the relationship is the more that I push it far away, rather than building a mutual respect relationship.

Also, I have the determination to work and contribute to my client, so this can be considered as my weakness if I don’t get it under control. By control means, I need to understand the notion of why having that particular manner, the more it exposes to the environment is the better that I could observe; to be able to comprehend that capacity. Contribute is good, but knowing when and what to contribute is great.