Directors create, assign duties, and follow up on the process. Leaders support to get those tasks fulfilled, and in the process, create more leaders.

  1. “Manager” is the title and can be selected by vote and agreement. On the other hand, “Leader” is more than a title because people choose to follow and understand the value of choice.
  2. There is no need for us to argue between becoming a Manager or a Leader. Though it is necessary for us to know the title; in the end, we shall measure the result and social impact from the person who holds that title.
  3. There are Good and Bad Managers, the same with Good and Bad Leaders.
  4. Managers think more about the short and long term result; Leaders think more about the low and high social impact.
  5. Managers are the one taking most everything from the people around them, but they also deserve to be given. In short: show them care and try to understand them – managing up and speak out loud politely. We’ve been through a lot and alone, too.
  6. Leaders are the one giving most everything to the people around them, but they also deserve to be recognized. In short: show them the impact of their work. We’ve been given a lot and exhaust to do that all the time.
  7. In a company, we have to know that this is a living entity. We need lots of people and time to create a culture. That is the reason why managers and leaders are essential.
  8. There isn’t the right way to become a leader, but a framework could help and do the work effectively: Righteousness and Rectitude, Respect, Heroic Courage, Honour, Compassion, Honesty and Sincerity, Duty and Loyalty
  9. Also, the standard of becoming a decent manager is defined by the organization and could be broken down into a list of Interpersonal Skills, Communications, Motivation, Organization, Delegation, Forward Planning, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Commercial Awareness, Mentoring.
  10. It always begins with the question “How do I grow in this company?” – Learn the senior or director job description, understand it and apply the critical thinking process from that position to a scenario. Those skills and information that is lack from the process is the one we shall learn, expand the capacity of doing more effectively.

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