"It is the main responsibility of a leader to see the potential in others, to help them develop their strengths they did not even know they had, and give others opportunities to grow." #leaderscreateleaders#strength#besouls#selflearning#leadership#failfighter Ref: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/leaders-bring-out-best-others-oleg-vishnepolsky/?fbclid=IwAR1eLwwEG7f37WArmIqhc6PM9W8GpVHZZGazA_DPWE8Ei56ZoHUiEF9XP1Q

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Everyone is unique in their own way. Some people try to blend in with the majority, but they are still unique. Some people take their uniqueness, stand out as different, and use their unique persona to create and experience the life they want. So, what makes a person unique? Some people take their uniqueness, stand… Continue reading THE 5 BEST THINGS THAT MAKE YOU UNIQUE

story of my life

Technology & Environmental Problem

Technological invention and revolution have undeniably made tremendous contributions to the development of society and improvements in all aspects of people’s lives around the globe. In spite of its invaluable progress over the decades, there are doubtful benefits of technology for it is argued to bring unwanted and expensive environmental disruptions. The issue as to… Continue reading Technology & Environmental Problem


Communication Technology

Since there is a substantial evolution in the way of communicating during the recent decades, people have benefited from modern technology to help them reach each other in many convenience ways. I strongly agree to the given point that we might say it is beneficial to use the modern communications technology, but some may not… Continue reading Communication Technology

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Resilient, Proactive and Raising a Child

Children who grow up in families who are short of money are better prepared with the problems of adult life than children who are brought up by wealthy parents. It is the in thing since the beginning of time when the society can define the gap between the poor and the rich. The debate comes… Continue reading Resilient, Proactive and Raising a Child

story of my life

Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck

The book is simple, yet it provides a unique perspective of how we are living and what we can do to make our lives better. SUBTLETY #1: NOT GIVING A FUCK DOES NOT MEAN BEING INDIFFERENT; IT MEANS BEING COMFORTABLE WITH BEING DIFFERENT SUBTLETY #2: TO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ADVERSITY, YOU MUST FIRST… Continue reading Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck