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A Man and A Boy

It is not difficult to recognize the signs of a whether he just wanted to take advantage of your affection for his own purposes or as a man know your interest. To help you recognize your man, I have something to share with you.

  1. Your man will bring good things for you. A bad guy will only make you mad all day.

2.A promise is a promise, your man will do it because deep down inside his heart, he is willing to do it

  1. Your man will see your success is the pride of all him, let you feel comfortable and confident with your decision, and glad that you can stand on your own feet. Please don’t think bad about this case ’cause some of you might think gals are always weak and need a helping hand. Please don’t feel that way, you are amazing and beautiful in many ways, strong more than any man and wise enough to make any decision.

  2. Your man thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in his eyes. Bad guys with wandering eyes on the body of any other girl. I think somehow it be incorrect because it is a mixture from having “the one” in man’s heart and looking at different woman, I don’t have any sense of looking at girls passing by the streets since I only think about my girl, lovely animals. That’s it! So with this point, I have no argument so far.

  3. More or less, you will see that every day with your man will always be special and full of love; from morning message to a bouquet of flowers or just a song through your voice mail.

  4. Your man will sometimes be very talkative whenever with you but still, by the time you start to talk and make conversation, there is nothing could him more interesting than your voice and story.

  5. Your man will always gives you a sense of security and protection. The man is very good at making you jealous bad infuriating and always wanted to check his phone (of course, never touched the phone he was then). A good man is not just only big, muscle or 6 pack and loads of money, the think about this “security” and “protection” is the time when your man can make a decision and think far more than just for himself or recklessly do something just because you like it. In short, think before he acts and think again about his action toward something.

  6. His family, yup, he always want to introduce you to all the friends and relatives of his. Bad guys to hide everything, you did not even know where his house, he only knew to head in the same alley.

  7. There is more than just taking care of you,  your man will have this sense when be with you, the feeling of taking care his precious one, enjoyed both small care for you. The man does not even bad for your care about.


10. It is quite common for me to do this: text my girl and ask whether she got home safe or not, I am not telling you that I am a model or something but I believe that this act from mine is not controlling or things like that but to calm down my feeling since there are lots of things could happen on the road. A text from this situation could make you think “why he’s always asking the same question for days?” but please, it is just to confirm with our minds that you are back home safely.

So in the end, good luck with your journey and one more thing, don’t find your man, let him find you and prove that he’s worth for your care and love.

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How Childhood Experiences Can Shape People In Different Ways

It is really impressive of how these pictures can show me the way I am now. Sometimes it is hard to describe my inner feelings, this will help me a lot in any way. Thank you for sharing. One of the most important thing that I’ve learnt from these pictures is how me and my beloved one can stay together in harmony.

Source: Lifehack

They perceive the world through different lens…Childhood images.001

The approaches they use to interact with others…Childhood images.002

How they are perceived differently in other people’s eyes…Childhood images.003

When they are in the workplace…Childhood images.004

In their free time…Childhood images.006

When they are in a relationship…Childhood images.007

Their life missions…Childhood images.005

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Recently, me and my friend are having some thoughts about open a co-working space for people who likes to work outside of their cubes. So during this time, I am so busy with research and collect ideas, concept from everywhere from the Internet and even walked into a co-working space in Ho Chi Minh city. But then, what I found out was: there is nothing so call “Working Space” because all of those places are about coffee and taking photos. So in the end, there is a hope for me to think and approach this new concept, which is purely design with new style and environment…wait and see what will happen.

Coworkrs’s NYC coworking space:

Coworkrs’s NYC coworking space

NeueHouse is an upscale coworking campus built for creative entrepreneurs and tech companies that offers them experiences, work spaces and personalized services that foster new ideas and important associations. Currently, ... Read More:


CityDesk5-e1424718902358.jpg (1000×667):

City Desk Miami

The Wave Coworking Offices – Conference Suite, Hong Kong:

The Wave Coworking Offices

Studio O+A designs exposed brick and concrete headquarters for Yelp in San Francisco.:

Studio O+A

Pinterest's San Francisco headquarters by All of the Above and First Office:

Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters

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Emotional stories documenting the last day of a best friend in our lives

There will be so much things to think after you read these lines, first of all, I want to apologize since I don’t have the original link or post from the author. So, if you can find or happen to see the original post, just tell me and I will add it up to my post as a ref. Thank you!

Animals or not, for me they are the same with us, full of emotion and love. I know that in Vietnam and Korean or Thailand, we are having a bad culture of eating dog meat…for me, this is a crime and need to be stopped. In this post, we will see many beautiful moment between this owner and her dog. So much things to say….so much tears…you may think I am immature and just cry like a baby, that will be okay because through all the stories, I can feel the pain and the desire of holding time for not let her dog away from her and family.

Snapchat stories documenting the last day of a dying Dog turns everyone into a bucket of emotions

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1. You’re comfortable being together while doing different things



2. You also have your own ambition and interests, though sometimes you’d miss him


3. Even if she wouldn’t know it, it’s still worth taking care of her


4. He may not be good at it, but he isn’t afraid to let you see his clumsy actions


5. Expensive gifts aren’t impressive at all, you just enjoy staying together


6. Silence is really fine. You won’t try hard to initiate a conversation that impresses the person


7. Having someone you can be a kid with is beautiful. You don’t mind showing your childish side at all


8. You won’t be worried about if he/she likes what you like


9. It’s okay to behave like a child whenever you like


10. You always have a carefree attitude being together


11. You just act like yourself. And it doesn’t really matter when it’s not elegant enough


12. You don’t care about if your poses are attractive enough


13. Making mistakes is fine. He/she wouldn’t blame you for petty things


14. Sometimes you play like a girl, sometimes like a boy


15. Date night can be a simple late-night snack at your favorite diner.


16. True love means trusting someone to help you get ready for the day.


17. Sometimes you indulge together, and it’s simply…amazing


18. Simply a chat is great


19. You aren’t afraid to show your fragile side. No matter what happens, he’d tell you everything is going to be alright


Thank you lifehack for reminding me and give another chance of showing how love can be influenced among us.


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What Is Love and Missing Each Other?

Recently, the sky in my city is turn  into something quite sad with its heavy rain. People is starting to rush toward their home, but at the end of the day, we are stuck in the middle of traffic jam. There is no way back and completely fill up with people on every street. So I head to my girl’s home, which is not far much from my location. The only thing that stuck in my head for this whole evening is my girl, since I have no idea whether she’s back or not, yet I wanna make sure that everything is okay for her. People might say that it is crazy and waste of time because I should go home and let my girl take care of her life, but guess what, I couldn’t do it and there is no particular reason for me to say no to her.

There was a time that I believed there will be no way I could fall in love and feel so fragile , so vulnerable again. But then, life is always full of surprises because those things come to me once again between me and my babe. I know this bloody feeling run through my spine and rush my heart beat by any seconds whenever I say goodbye to her. I always hate that moment, the moment when I have to say goodbye to her and give a big hug, so afraid of losing everything in this love.

Image result for hug

I did asked about her feeling if I love her like this…does she feel anything like uncomfortable or stuff like that. Her smiles and kiss on my lips were her answers…”there will be no love like yours, I love everything from you and anything that you did for us”

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A Positive Mind Must Be Learnt

I know it might sounds crazy, but for the last more than 6 years in living without a positive mind, made me like a mad man and tough to deal with. At the beginning, there was no reason at all for me to cheers about something, think about good sides of someone; everything is dark and hard to trust. In this time, trust and luck are really something that I was strongly believe that such a thing didn’t exist in my Wold of living. Along the way, my characteristics were strange, unfriendly and always had a deadly cold eyes since I didn’t want people to come and hang around.

Then, I met my girl, one of the most beautiful and lovely woman that I’ve ever seen in my life. For the very first time I could understand myself, my inner feelings toward to her that it seems like I found trust again and what people so call: happiness and luck.Our characteristics are very different, exactly like what you could find in “Man from Mars and Woman from Venus”. At some points, I don’t have enough courage to expose myself with these new feelings, but from time, she showed me what needs to be done and how should I think about something, more importantly is how to act and think with a positive mind. Until now, I can work and live a happier life more than ever before, it is not because I read something out of the book or learnt from a movie, but from my relationship, I spend more time with my better half on education, vacation, explore new places and even face into our fears together. Into those things, there are goals and opportunities for me to know more about myself, a trail to follow and expose my positive mind onto something. These are the sense of accomplishment, courage to go after new goals, and lasting increased confidence

Some fears maybe even hindering you professionally. Those fears might be real or not, it doesn’t matter, the moment I chose to do it, I knew that something will be there and wait for me. Use these techniques when I want to do something different in my life or to set a goal for personal growth. Embrace the uncertainties that I have to face, and have the confidence which I can handle whatever comes my way. These are my own milestones to grow myself up from negative mind, how about yours?

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Because We Are All Living & Sharing

Sometimes we do need our own time, of being ourselves and take a deep breath, look into the sky and wonder: how did I spend my life through all this time? How do I think about my job? How about my relationship with my beloved one or friends?

First of all, I wanna say a big sorry to my fans on WordPress, since my work load is raising recently and the Internet signal was not strong enough for me to connect to WordPress server and log in. But I did take sometimes like this period to chill out and think more about myself whenever I could, since we know that we are all living in a fast moving World. So, what did I do? As usual, I questioned my own with those questions above because they are my core things and of course, my vision of the person that I want to become.


Until now, I have worked with more than 10 great people with unique personality that I never ever could imagine to be able to work with them before. Each of them bring out the best of me, lots of things to learn and apply, throwing parties of each month which we had a birthday of someone in this little family. Since we are back from Singapore trip, our bonds are stronger and we do cherish the time of working as a team. But then, everything is always happens for a reason, my company is changing its business direction into a new one. At the end of the day, one after one, they left and on top of that is we are learning from each other again, but this time is not about skills or anything related to work, rather than relationship and time of understand each other’s dream.

I am one of the 3 old members can stay with this new direction because we are able to work under tied schedule and do lots of research in English, plus that we are interesting in this particular field. Even though my company is in a gloomy working atmosphere, which is really different from before, we did managed to help each other stand up and find another job with head hunters and through networking. It is hard to see one by one left the company, somehow we know that one door closed is another open…but still, we want to move on together and stay under one roof.


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Singapore Trip (Part 2)

There is nothing can compare or describe my feeling when having more than 20 people entered Changi Airport successfully. Honestly, I couldn’t sleep the day before the trip because I kept thinking if someone left behind or something will happen during the trip, there were a long list of “IF” from my head.

The night we spent in Changi Airport was full of fun and so many strange feelings deep down inside from my friend’s heart, because that was their first time ever which flew out of Vietnam and saw so much things that they could only search through the Internet. But there was one thing that I missed out: blanket and sleeping travel eye-patch. How could I totally forgot about those two things in people’s memo? It was a night like 3 years ago since I knew that cold so well like an old friend of mine, but this time I wouldn’t be like that alone.

So this was how I spent the night, pretty cool and fun since we did found out that Terminal 3 was the most beautiful place. It was easy to understand since we were all cold and not used to the place, so in the end, we gathered around and tagged along in the terminal. By waiting for the rest to wake up and ready for the next day’s trip, we instructed the next place where we would had a breakfast: Toast Box with its very traditional food – Kaya Toast. At first, my friends tended to order something beside toast but after that I realized that there was only one dish stood out…Moving around is quite tired for people who come first time in Singapore, lots of stuffs and fast moving environment would cause some traumatic and dizzy. So we decided to call the landlord and rest first rather than threw ourselves inside the Marina Reservoir.

In the evening, we went to China Town and be treated by stalls with special dishes around this area. It was amazing, we were all enjoyed the view and even blended well inside Clarke Quay, where people are usually party all night long during Friday and weekend. The very first day in Singapore was planned according to my intention, get used to the living style and bewared of how different between Vietnam and here.