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How Childhood Experiences Can Shape People In Different Ways

It is really impressive of how these pictures can show me the way I am now. Sometimes it is hard to describe my inner feelings, this will help me a lot in any way. Thank you for sharing. One of the most important thing that I’ve learnt from these pictures is how me and my beloved one can stay together in harmony.

Source: Lifehack

They perceive the world through different lens…Childhood images.001

The approaches they use to interact with others…Childhood images.002

How they are perceived differently in other people’s eyes…Childhood images.003

When they are in the workplace…Childhood images.004

In their free time…Childhood images.006

When they are in a relationship…Childhood images.007

Their life missions…Childhood images.005

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A Positive Mind Must Be Learnt

I know it might sounds crazy, but for the last more than 6 years in living without a positive mind, made me like a mad man and tough to deal with. At the beginning, there was no reason at all for me to cheers about something, think about good sides of someone; everything is dark and hard to trust. In this time, trust and luck are really something that I was strongly believe that such a thing didn’t exist in my Wold of living. Along the way, my characteristics were strange, unfriendly and always had a deadly cold eyes since I didn’t want people to come and hang around.

Then, I met my girl, one of the most beautiful and lovely woman that I’ve ever seen in my life. For the very first time I could understand myself, my inner feelings toward to her that it seems like I found trust again and what people so call: happiness and luck.Our characteristics are very different, exactly like what you could find in “Man from Mars and Woman from Venus”. At some points, I don’t have enough courage to expose myself with these new feelings, but from time, she showed me what needs to be done and how should I think about something, more importantly is how to act and think with a positive mind. Until now, I can work and live a happier life more than ever before, it is not because I read something out of the book or learnt from a movie, but from my relationship, I spend more time with my better half on education, vacation, explore new places and even face into our fears together. Into those things, there are goals and opportunities for me to know more about myself, a trail to follow and expose my positive mind onto something. These are the sense of accomplishment, courage to go after new goals, and lasting increased confidence

Some fears maybe even hindering you professionally. Those fears might be real or not, it doesn’t matter, the moment I chose to do it, I knew that something will be there and wait for me. Use these techniques when I want to do something different in my life or to set a goal for personal growth. Embrace the uncertainties that I have to face, and have the confidence which I can handle whatever comes my way. These are my own milestones to grow myself up from negative mind, how about yours?

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Money and Life


Run like never before, learn and apply what you think is right, beware of the environment and wait for the most suitable moment to shine bright. My feeling is over the place and only think about how to make money, even from the least aspect of this small market, I still want to make a fortune out of life. There are so much things to do but how we do it is more important. There was time I eager and push myself so hard to make big money but then, everything turns out to be blue and so meaningless. With money I can buy anything I want but what is the purpose behind is another problem. In between of feeling and logic, we have to balance and stay strong with the way we are.

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Be Happy Be Yourself Be Responsible

Some people say that love is hard and harsh sometimes, happiness and relationship are like something out of the blue and drive people crazy about it, make them feel up and down all the time. But then, what would you gonna do about it? Run away or accept the way it is? Neither of them will depends on your decision, but for now, I will put down some notes for my own and maybe this time with these notes, you can find something useful for yourself and your partner too.

To Become Happy & Earn Some Respect: Be Responsible

That’s right! Something that you will find it funny and nothing relate to happiness but then, think about when is the last time you decide and take action on something? How do you feel about it when everything’s finished by your own thoughts and steps? Every first step might be hard for you, of course, but don’t let this stop you from becoming someone who is willing to step forward, look into things and decide what to do about it rather than sit back and relax, wait for it to be ended by someone else.

It is good to chill out and we will find it really happy at first…then people will start to look at us with a disappointed eye or worst, because they know that somehow we are not interesting in anything, or willing to do anything. The relationship will getting worse from time, and we start to notice that no one will like to talk or share things to us. Don’t let this happen, one day we will sing “Lonely! I’m Mr. Lonely! I have no body!”

Live in the Moment

Every moment is fleeting, and our time on this earth is short. Everything that we experience is only temporary; nothing lasts forever. Be focus on what you are doing, and what you can do to enhance the situation to workout in your favor. Getting comfortable during times of peace isn’t a suitable practice. Letting your motivation down won’t bring any good for you later on. Always upholding the beauty of every moment, and build for the future today, your own future and be responsible with every single steps you have made.

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1 year anniversary

There is no word that can describe our feeling during last night, people say that 1 year is not long and not much memories of being together. But for us, we went through a lot of things, learnt from each other of how love can be expressed in many different ways.

For my very first time, looking for a place to have a sweet anniversary is not easy since I have never done it before. Then suddenly SI Restaurant’s Facebook ads appeared, after a 2 days’ long check from both its website and rating site from others, I decided to book this beautiful place before our anniversary 2 months, since I really don’t want to lose the opportunity to have a fine dinner with my beloved at all.


My impression about this place is the decoration as you can see above, lovely and green, which is a big plus for us because we really do care about the environment and healthy life, so with this design, we felt so fresh and new. But that was not over yet, since this beautiful scene brought some memories of us back to the time when we first met each other, the feeling of peace and need each other in our life.13709875_878734925604659_6045612826989469076_n.jpg

Telling you the truth that it was hard for me to held a pen and wrote down calligraphy after a long time of only using computer. But finally, I could be able to put myself and feelings inside this lift anniversary card for her, quite a strange feeling because I never, ever wrote something like this under any special event, until now.13728951_878734932271325_653834934626690476_n.jpg

Here it is, our dinner with this cozy place, private and adorable. We spent quality time with each other, talked about how we felt for each other and how much we glad that we found love in ourselves. Sometimes, love is hard to explain and find it, but when the time come, just let it be and embrace each other until the time is through, no matter what will come. Love is now, for every moment, live and enjoy it as much as you can.

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9 Signs She Is the One You Should Marry


Recently, I received quite a lot of wedding cards from my friends and for a second I think of myself: Wow! Is this the time of getting marriage? Am I ready for it? So many questions which are flying around my head and finally, I come up with a new thing to write about: how do you know that your better-half would be the one for you?

1. Intellectually challenging

On the off chance that you need to spend whatever is left of your existence with somebody, it is vital that you find that individual mentally difficult. Looks are passing yet identity is always—your discussions together ought to intrigue, smart and loaded with profundity. Your accomplice ought to have the capacity to challenge your assessments, opening up your brain to new thoughts and ideas.

2. Reliability in emotion

In the event that you battle to foresee your accomplice’s state of mind and reactions, you may wind up conveying the weight of your accomplice’s mind-sets. Your accomplice shouldn’t change into a more troublesome individual following a couple of months together; they ought to be completely fair about their sentiments and enthusiastic state.

3. Empathizer

When you want to marry somebody, you ought to ensure they can demonstrate sympathy people’s situation, including yours. You will have down days and you will feel upset, and your accomplice ought to have the capacity to bolster you and identify with you amid these circumstances.

4. Honesty

Honesty is an imperative attribute in a long haul relationship; in the event that you can’t believe your accomplice, by what method would you be able to let them know anything in certainty, or think anything they said to you? Discover somebody who regards you enough frankly with you, not with standing when it is troublesome for them.

5. Ambitious.

And also supporting your fantasies and objectives, the lady you wed ought to have her own particular dreams and aspirations, as well. She will look to her future consistently and plan how to enhance her life, instead of relying upon you for a decent and satisfying life.

6. Self-improve.

And additionally being eager, your life accomplice ought to be put resources into enhancing herself. From watching documentaries to voyaging, she ought to appreciate enhancing her perspective and putting resources into herself. This implies she is more averse to be excessively subject to you, as she is similarly reliant on herself.

7. Being petty or jealous

Some enviously is normal seeing someone, however, the lady you marry ought to be sufficiently secure in herself and you to know she doesn’t have to feel desirous. This is an additionally to do with trust; she ought to have the capacity to trust you enough to give you your opportunity.

8. Making an effort

A sound, stable relationship concentrates on giving as opposed to taking. Seeing your life partner upbeat ought to make you generally as cheerful, and she ought to treat you similarly. Your euphoria ought to be her bliss, as well—it can be as straightforward as getting some information about your day or taking care of you when you are wiped out. Over the long haul, the fervor toward the start of the relationship will pass, however, you ought to both be general as centered around giving each different bliss.

9. You are you

Appreciating your accomplice and their disposition ought to rouse you to be a superior adaptation of yourself. From setting off to the exercise center to volunteering at a philanthropy, you ought to need to be the best form of yourself for her—and yourself.

What did you think of this list? Share with your friends and family to find out if they have found the woman they should marry!

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[After Work] 11 Things That Will Make You Success

Achievement is not something effortlessly accomplished, and you can’t anticipate that it will occur incidentally. It requires a specific mentality, determination, and obviously diligent work. Basically needing to succeed is insufficient. It is additionally worth specifying that you ought to begin taking a shot at your prosperity as quickly as time permits.

The perfect day and age for your vocation advancement ought to be after you graduate, while you are in your twenties. You are still lively, loaded with positive vitality, and you have a great deal of time staring you in the face, to try, gain from your slip-ups, and collect a specific measurement of experience. Frankly, individuals may not consider you important while you are still youthful, however, there are a few things that one should do before the age of thirty. Along these lines, you can make a strong premise and pick up the profitable understanding fundamental for the prosperity of your future.

  1. Learn how to handle your cash/ balance sheet or finance.
  2. Learn from failure and overcome bad attitude.
  3. Challenge the rules, terms and regulation so that you can freely design and do things you like but still know the limitation.
  4. Know how to organize stuff around you, starting with your bed and working desk than more.
  5. Keep relationships and understand why you need that as much as they bring benefit and good stuff to you.
  6. Persistent is good  but just don’t over-do it or you will receive negative feedback because people will think this is stubborn.
  7. Good is something that people always want, but do put your mind about the flaws.
  8. Don’t be scared of comments around you because of calculating and resourceful, think about it because this will save you more than once in your life.
  9. Adaptation is crucial, as long as you can adapt to the environment, there is nothing can make you feel uncomfortable. The quick is the better.
  10. Do come around and ask for other’s opinion, we are good at judgement somehow but still not good by standing alone, plus, it will stress you more since there is only one of you to solve many problems out there.

These are the things that I have done so far to keep my life healthy and change myself from minor things to major. If there is something more, please add-on my list and make it work for you.

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[After Work] Losing Track of Your Career

Recently, I’ve been buried under my friend’s comment and conversations about how he or she felt so tired and bored with the job. No matter how hard I try to convince or slapped them (just kidding) but in the end, they are still at the same mood and it really feels like I am talking to someone who spend their life more than 30 years without a solution.

So honestly, I have come down to my ultimate suggestion: taking a long break – sabbatical (paid leave or something) or just quit your job and find somewhere else to freshen up a little bit, find your strength and happiness in the industry that you believe they can give you a reason to work proactively, not just because that job or career dump a lot of tasks and duties into your life.

Don’t waste time on whining with other people about what you can’t do, use that time for making decision and do it because you only live once

But before my friends or you want to choose between Sabbatical or Quit your job, please read the purpose of doing so below, for Sabbatical, consider it as a long break (summertime for students as usual):

  1. Relaxation from burn-out or repeated tasks
  2. Learning new skills which related to your current job or hobbies
  3. Traveling to somewhere else (not even the World, maybe just around your corner, new places with new tastes)

Again, this part of yours is very important since it must be allowed by your emotion, if you don’t wanna do it then you have no more excuse to make because if you don’t take care of yourself by give it times to relax then who will do it? Your bosses? For quitting job, quite simple and every big or small rules in this case will not be discussed in here since I know you are learning it from your heart. Using time wisely when you decide to quit and here are things that you should do:

  1. Always keep your resume/ CV up-to-date
  2. Keep yourself healthy and don’t be a best friend with computers, games or TV series and popcorns (remember your family and friends not imaginary friends)
  3. Avoid people or delete social network from your ex-workplace is a bad move EVER
  4. Create good web presence and it is horrible to say something bad about your workplace, we all did but just don’t after you quit
  5. Create activities for yourself like blogging, jogging or researching new skills, knowledges

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing time with your family or friends, you shouldn’t consider it to be an extravagance. We as a whole need time for ourselves. It’s the means by which we survey how far we’ve come, and where to go next. So abstain from feeling regretful! Nothing is good or bad, it is just your feeling and how you grow.


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[Story of My Life] 3 Activities for Making Your Day

There will be more than 3 activities from other people but with me, I will just focus on how to make myself feel better whenever I wake up from my bed and prepare to do something. Sometimes, it would be strange for us to wake up and feel so empty, there is no reason or particular activity AT ALL that can drag you off the bed and so on, but don’t be so blue about it because everyone does the same thing once in their life too. So it would be my pleasure to show you 5 quotes that will generate a better energy, eventhough just a single thought.

  1. Cleaning Your Room
  2. Looking at your photo galerry
  3. Having breakfast or brunch at somewhere new

Of course, it is quite simple and might not be agreed by you or the majority, but I really do find myself of thinking more and try to do something else beside sit on my bed or sofa all day, the logic is simple: if you can move your body in some ways, your mind will start to think and connect what you are doing with others (such as cleaning can relate to music and then after cleaning you will think of playing guitar or listening to some more music and even share this piece of music with other friends, the list go on)

Those activities above are visual related, which connect somehow to your daily activity and during your down mood season, a new point of view will help you see new thing that normal you don’t.

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It’s mid year! Further-more school occasions!

We get so tied up with the day by day hurrying around that occasionally we neglect to be at the time with the general population nearest to us, and before we know it, a season has passed.

This mid-year, make it a huge one when you change over to ‘family and friends and family’s mode and turn off your email notices. Believe me or not, I was a bad child because I always stuck around with my computer and games during my summertime, indeed that I totally forgot about my family but for now, I changed a lot and understand when there is nothing better than the time you spend along with your family.

Friends are showing me what to do to have a quality time with my family but I guess there are 5 possible ways for you to start in case you think that it is hard and weird to hang out with your dad or mom (trust me, I know that some of you will think it is not fun or not in the mood to spare some quality times with families)

  • Go cookout, do bbq (and kite-flying) together.
  • Request that they show you something and the other way around.
  • Take a late spring family picture together. Not ‘selfies’. Legitimate photographs and frame it up
  • Go to the shoreline, play area or amusement park.
  • Investigate another spot or find new sustenance to attempt (and, draw in them in finding the new area you are going).

5 Steps To Make More Time

Time is like a game and the thing you only do is to juggle with it. Don’t just so burry yourself down to the hole of “I don’t have time for this!”. Please, this is just an emotional decision, you can do this!

It’s difficult to get time off particularly when you are hindered by work and different responsibilities. Our employment pays our bills. The work we do could even be our obsession, however, the time and minutes went through with individuals who matter to us overwrite every one of them. What about beginning with the beneath steps?

  1. Arranging the exercises with your family. There is nothing superior to accomplishing something that everybody is hyped up for rather than you picking one that you think they will like.
  2. Take no less than days off from your yearly leave, if conceivable. Then again, take it just before or following a weekend so you have more off days to spend.
  3. Guarantee you have legitimately given over your schedules to your partner. Before you go on your leave, fill in as much as you have to finish your hand-over. Ensure you cover everything so you don’t get brings in the middle of your occasions.
  4. Initiate your out-of-office notice. Then again have the messages sent to your associate who is assuming control.
  5. On your first day of leave, separate from media and innovation. Even better, go some place where Wifi is scarcely existent. Wifi is the number one on my list which kill quality time in a blink of an eye.

Inundate in a fun and energizing summer with your family. There will undoubtedly be contradictions and hiccups along the way; however, that is the thing that makes it fun and essential! Bring conflicts with a grain of salt and proceed with what you have arranged in any case. In the event that you need to redirect from the first arrangement, but then, so be it.

Keep It Going

When you have begun this practice, don’t stop it at there. Here are some ways that you can begin doing every day even after summer is over

  1. Be available when you are at home. Work on hushing your telephone or exchanging off for a couple of hours. A few things can hold up, others can’t. You know which one can’t. Be at home when at home, not multi-tasking nor considering work or schedules.
  2. Focus and be mindful to your mate and children. Be completely drawn in and listen to their everyday happenings, be it at the recreation center, shop or in school for that day. Impart your day to them.
  3. Play together, feast together. Shower your mate and kids with more consideration than you pay to your customer or business, since they merit more than them!
  4. Cooperate. Do house cooperate, cook together, cook together, or help your youngster tackle that troublesome homework or Math issue. For out of the blue, you may wind up attempting to tackle a question more troublesome than your work issue.
  5. Perused sleep time stories to them. Go with them to bed. Impart your adolescence story to them! Reconnect with your companion by the day’s end.

Set aside a few minutes to get off from work prior. When you get more established, would you recall the days when you sat in the same auto with your life partner and children, however, were occupied with considering something else? Would you recollect what messages you were answering to when you think about the treks you’ve brought with your family or the times when you needed to surge a report advising your youngsters to hold up in light of the fact that you’re occupied?

Toward the day’s end, it’s about who are with us all in all excursion and what makes you need to flourish and endeavor so hard. Certainly not your position in your organization or the hours you lost on systems administration. Gain experiences and manufacture more grounded bond with your friends and family.

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