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Self-improvement & Activities

3 activities to self-improvement and motivation, do you know?

A healthy lifestyle helps us to keep and improve people’s health and well-being, including maintaining reasonable nutrition, well-versed of physical activity, weight and stress management. Notably, there are 3 “golden activities” that shall help us with self-improvement spirit and health better.


two person inside gym exercising

What’s authentic about fitness is that it’s a choice. It’s entirely up to you to manage a decent lifestyle, and everyone can create a unique definition of what it means to be healthful. According to scientific research, do gym for 1-hour every day is good for the heart and muscles. Are you enthusiastic about improving your well-being and robustness? One of my advice is to have an active gym session, try to make from 30 up to 45 minutes; always remember to prepare a schedule to target for the specific group of muscles. Notably, we should rest and eat well after our training day.

Running or Cardio

woman wearing black leggings, black crop top, and black Nike running shoes

Do you know running make you happier, lose or maintain weight and stabilize your breath? Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other unpleasant conditions. Moreover, combining running and cardio will also reduce our stress effectively since we could improve our stamina and flexibility. A few session of Cardio or HIIT could really pump up your energy and increase the quality of your breath.


woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

For over 5000 years, yoga is considered to be the oldest practice of self-development. Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation. Yoga can also help us reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore, yoga can ease tension and decrease the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Listen and observe your body while having the first few session with yoga, and don’t push yourself too much.

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Self-improvement & Gym

To achieve a better self-concerning mentally and physically, we start to learn new things and train our bodies in different ways. Notably, doing exercise or put it in another way is to hit the gym periodically is an option which is mostly considered by Baby Boomers and Millenials recently.

woman standing surrounded by exercise equipment

Talking of which, I would hit the gym three times a week and another two days for swimming with my folks. To maintain a schedule like mine, we need to take a small bite first because of the resolution and persistence. By having super effective exercises, I need to know the objective for the day and be able to answer the question of what muscle should I focus for today’s gym section.

Usually, I tend to focus on building different muscle groups with the strategy of gaining mass, plus burning fat at the same time; and this is a long way to see its result because of my understanding on my body composition and the needs. People start to hit the gym so hard and focus only one muscle group and hope that it shall gain more mass, cutting shape; this is a mistake because of the only thing we do like that is to burn out faster without any positive result on our body.

Provided that we bear in mind the idea of muscle groups and its movement, we shall easily arrange a variety of action to maximise the contraction and “feel” the muscle. As I mentioned with the 3-day of the gym, my activities will be:

Day 1: Chest – Triceps – Bicep
Day 2: Swimming
Day 3: Back – Shoulders – Traps
Day 4: Abs – Legs – Calves
Day 5: Swimming

Not only having a physical activity but training my mind with reading books, deep work and cancel distraction. Always spend an hour before my sleep to review my day is another practice of reconnecting myself to all the events within that day. By keep doing this daily, I find a better way of understanding and observing the environment, including myself from the distant, and we favour to see rather than acknowledge.

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Video Games & Its Value

Learning can become even more vigorous than ever before with the help us with visualisation and sounds. However, it’s still a vague idea regarding academic and efficiency. There are 2 reasons for us to consider the advantages of using Video Games as a way of learning or even inspiring people to develop themselves with knowledge and technical skill.

two people playing Sony PS4 game console

There are many points to support the idea. Firstly, Video Game is not only about the play and play it all the time but also its value and the brilliant idea behind those moving characters and solving a puzzle. As a gamer, I acknowledge all the hard work from the game studio and upholding the key message from their child (this usually talking about the product that we hold dear to our heart). Those messages could be about how to appreciate our lives, what to do in a particular situation or even to improve language skill. Not to mention the significant role of Video Game is to connect people from around the world, develop a way of communication and learn more about the culture from each other.

Secondly, Video Game can trigger the curiosity from making a completed game with many questions, such as “How could this character make?” , “What kinds of technology should we use to create this game?”. Despite the fact of playing games can affect our health negatively if we don’t know how to balance the time and nutritious wisely, we still do agree to the benefit of raising questions and find an answer by ourselves proactively.

To give an illustration of what I mean, let’s look at the case of when our brain counters a cascade from Tetris, we shall question when can we do a cascade (or a waterfall) and how should we do it properly that avoid the blockage as much as possible. From times, our hands and brains continue to develop the habit of observing the situation before choosing a slot for that particular minos (a block that we see in Tetris). From the moment of immersing to the gaming world with Tetris, Contra, Mario, Donkey Kong, Galaga and much more, we see an incredible rise of the game development, but the core value from making game remains: to connect and entertain players from any continents.

So, what do you think about Video Games and self-learning? This short paragraph is to represent a little bit of how great it can be. Leave a comment if you like or even share your thoughts.

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The Afternoon Break

Lunch Breaks at work, is it the “Golden Time” to determines success or failure in your career or even yourself?

Most of us would say that our lunch break shall take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then spend time on the internet for other activities. Notably, we have lots of activities to improve ourselves in this short period, and I shall choose the 2 activities which can help you become a better employee in the future:

Improve ourselves with knowledge from a book

Bring your favourite book and use your 15-minutes to read a few pages of it:

It’s an adequate way of pleasure. Studies show that jokes, poems help us feel more relaxed after hours of stress. Reading does not only help us to develop the intellectual, but also uplifting. So, make some time to gain knowledge during this short break is a sophisticated activity.

However, you might want to take a break with a nap after the 15-minutes of reading, your eyes were tired, and it was time to rest your eyes, rest and come back with excitement for the afternoon productive.

person holding pile of books
by thoughcatalog

Learn different things by listening to music, news or comedian show

We definitely should leverage all the tools that available to us in the era, but audio has some unique advantages:

  • Your eyes can take a break from screens while still getting an idea what’s going on around the world.
  • A playlist can be useful in your spare time, especially the lunch breaks at work. You don’t have to adjust the list because you might have done that previously.
  • Finally, listening to music can raise enthusiastic toward the language that we’re learning. It helps you distract from the stressful morning, as well as improving our mouth with muscle memories to sing or speak correctly with a proper connotation and intonation.

After all, try to spend about 10-20 minutes to take a nap before starting each afternoon session. This manner will help the body to rest, thereby reducing stress, increase focus and productivity.

“If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.”

—Benjamin Franklin—

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Leadership & Gender

Leadership is not a newfangled topic anymore, and people can search for the definition throughout the internet or join a class of how to become an effective or proactive leader. However, the idea of leading an organisation seems to have a misunderstanding between capability and gender.

Firstly, the idea of directing people isn’t approaching with the physical appearance, but more about the way of doing so. By using the deduction methodology, we shall observe and find out that there isn’t any pattern regarding good leadership with gender. With a broader perspective always reveals to chroniclers that conflict is a general behaviour of humanity. There is no lore behind the guy could cause less conflict than a lady and vice versa.

Not to mention that the environment easily influences human, this is also an issue when we can’t define the root cause of conflict but still rush for the assumption in which gender is playing a significant role in precipitating the friction.

Above all, there are stories around what makes a good leader and how to become one of them, and those lore are not even tolerate the war of gender but rather than the professionalism and principle of traversing people.

five wolves walking on snow covered mountain during daytime
from James Padolsey
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Singapore Trip (Part 1)

After 3 years of leaving Singapore, I returned to Vietnam and push myself so hard to prove that I am capable of doing things in any job that I can enroll in. It seems like my 2nd new-beloved family was giving another chance of returning to this beautiful place, where I have learnt everything that I need to be standout and be able to live by myself.


During my internship program, I did quite a good job on handling the tasks and developing my own skills into another new level, but then, all of the sudden that came out of nowhere, my bosses called my over into the meeting room and asked me “How do you feel about this job?” I thought that it is normal to raise that question before my period is going to an end soon enough. My heart was raced a little bit but it was outta control since they called another 3 staffs inside the room, then this happened: We knew that our Company’s Trip in Da Lat last time was a cool experience, but this time, we will go to somewhere else, over the sea.


So we had to guess what was that place, all of our thoughts were about Con Dao, Phu Quoc and stuff like that, the answer was a “No”, then by the time I think about that place, our bosses said it would be Singapore. And the reasons why were we had to learn and see how we can change our ways of working together, how do we feel about push ourselves out of the comfort zone and take real closer look besides of pictures, films about Singapore. This was an opportunity for all of members from my company to see the most beautiful and advanced country by the name of “Dragon of the Southeast Asia”.

Therefore, everybody in that room on the day, we were selected as members who were going to organize this trip from the very first step until the end of it. You wanna know my true feeling? Of course, happy and worry and way much more than that. How do you plan to take all of these people to Singapore without leaving anyone behind? Furthermore, more than half of the company is never ever step outside of Vietnam before, which means that they are having no passport, and really then, we ONLY have 1 MONTH to prepare everything.

Looking for my experience of organizing things, along with my feelings? Wait and see, maybe it will not be so great or magnificent like yours, but hey, this is my VERY FIRST experience of how to organize a trip to another country for 20 people and more. Please note that, you can always ask me question in comments below, then I will try to answer it with my story.

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Design Your Surroundings To Make Good Choices

We often think that achieving a task is just about getting out there and doing it. We believe that if there’s a will, we can find a way towards a goal and no matter what how we start it. But our environment influence in what we choose to do, as opposed to what we want to do. If you have choices around you that are distracting or lead to undesirable outcomes, then it becomes harder to make the right choices. For example in my workplace is instant noodles, everytime someone cooks it then people will start to find something to eat which distract them from work.

On the other side of the coin, having an environment that strictly offers you productive choices allows you to only do what’s best for yourself and of course, your tasks. So if you want to work on improving your working habits, take a look around you and see how you can make it more convenient to do so. For example, using the profile function from Google Chrome would help us separate which browser is for private and which is for work (picture below).

Most of the time, you can have many ideas from environmental cues to work towards an outcome faster and easier. This can be applied in different aspects of life:

  1. To get work done, minimize distractions that take away from your focus, as I showed you above with tab manager.
  2. If you want to eat better, put healthier foods and water within close reach, eat and drink will refresh your mind because you can move you body a little bit after an hour of working.
  3. When you try to persuade someone to perform a task, explain and set it up so that it’s convenient for the person to do so. Most of the time you properly looking for help in different departments or groups, try to cut your task into smaller pieces and easy to achieve.

Wanting something done is not enough. If you want a certain outcome, you need an environment that gets you closer towards it. There will be another post about working Effective is different from Efficient.

Changing Your Environment Not Your Company

Making changes to your environment makes it easier to do what’s right without having to think about staying motivated. If you can set up your surroundings to make better decisions easier, then you can set yourself up to practice better habits.

Often, we think that change comes from within or from self-study or read books or seminars. We believe that achieving a goal is about changing ourselves and the way we think. But we lack our attention to the fact that optimizing our environment to make better choices significantly impacts our actions.

The changes we make may seem small initially. For instance, it might not seem like much to move a book you want to read from the shelf to your desk but every piece that you move with the spirit of optimizing your desk, your working behavior with positive change.What did you think of this list? Share with your friends and family to find out if they have found the woman they should marry!

What did you think of changing your desk and improving your working behavior? Share with your friends, family, and coworkers to find out how many things did they changed to make them work better.

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[After Work] 11 Things That Will Make You Success

Achievement is not something effortlessly accomplished, and you can’t anticipate that it will occur incidentally. It requires a specific mentality, determination, and obviously diligent work. Basically needing to succeed is insufficient. It is additionally worth specifying that you ought to begin taking a shot at your prosperity as quickly as time permits.

The perfect day and age for your vocation advancement ought to be after you graduate, while you are in your twenties. You are still lively, loaded with positive vitality, and you have a great deal of time staring you in the face, to try, gain from your slip-ups, and collect a specific measurement of experience. Frankly, individuals may not consider you important while you are still youthful, however, there are a few things that one should do before the age of thirty. Along these lines, you can make a strong premise and pick up the profitable understanding fundamental for the prosperity of your future.

  1. Learn how to handle your cash/ balance sheet or finance.
  2. Learn from failure and overcome bad attitude.
  3. Challenge the rules, terms and regulation so that you can freely design and do things you like but still know the limitation.
  4. Know how to organize stuff around you, starting with your bed and working desk than more.
  5. Keep relationships and understand why you need that as much as they bring benefit and good stuff to you.
  6. Persistent is good  but just don’t over-do it or you will receive negative feedback because people will think this is stubborn.
  7. Good is something that people always want, but do put your mind about the flaws.
  8. Don’t be scared of comments around you because of calculating and resourceful, think about it because this will save you more than once in your life.
  9. Adaptation is crucial, as long as you can adapt to the environment, there is nothing can make you feel uncomfortable. The quick is the better.
  10. Do come around and ask for other’s opinion, we are good at judgement somehow but still not good by standing alone, plus, it will stress you more since there is only one of you to solve many problems out there.

These are the things that I have done so far to keep my life healthy and change myself from minor things to major. If there is something more, please add-on my list and make it work for you.

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[Music] When We Happy Then We Listen

I had a thought, running through my head
Now you’re gone, I don’t remember it
I had the life, and then I see you
Now our love is all see through

Oh, no worries, no worries, no worries now,
Cuz loves just comes and goes
No worries, no worries,
I’ll swear like a sailor, sailor from my bad behavior

And If you come and go it won’t matter anymore, it won’t matter anymore, no
And if you can’t stay slow, I’ll be waiting at the door, I’ll be waiting at the door
And If you come and go it won’t matter anymore, it won’t matter anymore, no
And if you can’t stay slow, I’ll swear like a sailor, sailor from my bad behavior

I have a lover back in England
She’s a star, she’s like Taylor Swift
I come home, don’t remember it
Cuz She’s gone, she don’t exist

Each of us will have more than one favorite song, some sad and some happy but each of them will connect to your memories. When you are happy, you will dance with it and enjoy the rhythm but when you are blue, lyrics and words are things which you will most understand and feel.

Love and relationship will always our most beautiful time of being with someone, also teach us a lot even though we may not end up in happy ever and after so, therefore, we live and learn how to move on with each new day and new YOU. I am now lucky and full of life because of the one beside me everyday beside my family, showing we how to love, how to share and how to pick up myself when everytime I hit the ground. Kindness is always something hidden inside of me, so afraid to let people know this weakness and try to manipulate it  by the time they see me, but my girl told me that it is okay to be manipulated sometimes because I already knew it so let’s call it a different things: Help or give them a hand.

There was time that I won’t believe in love or sweet things because it was ridiculous, so many broken hearts and chances that show me why love is bad for your health, then she comes in my life with her very first love, gentle smile and kind heart that I can ever imagine and there was one time that I had to ask her like why she always smile and happy about it? Hardly see you under gloomy day and the list went on, every answer are come up to the final one: because love and relationship are the most important to life, no matter how hard it is, we have to try harder and make it possible with all you got.