Communication Technology

Since there is a substantial evolution in the way of communicating during the recent decades, people have benefited from modern technology to help them reach each other in many convenience ways. I strongly agree to the given point that we might say it is beneficial to use the modern communications technology, but some may not… Continue reading Communication Technology

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Goals & Motivation

During the last few days, we saw a few posts on improving oneself by providing different types of activities. We might wonder how could we keep ourselves motivated so that we can achieving our goals and being a better self. Internal motivation or we might call it intrinsic motivation, is our core engine to drive… Continue reading Goals & Motivation

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Self-improvement & Activities

3 activities to self-improvement and motivation, do you know? A healthy lifestyle helps us to keep and improve people's health and well-being, including maintaining reasonable nutrition, well-versed of physical activity, weight and stress management. Notably, there are 3 “golden activities” that shall help us with self-improvement spirit and health better. Fitness What’s authentic about fitness… Continue reading Self-improvement & Activities

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Self-improvement & Gym

To achieve a better self-concerning mentally and physically, we start to learn new things and train our bodies in different ways. Notably, doing exercise or put it in another way is to hit the gym periodically is an option which is mostly considered by Baby Boomers and Millenials recently. Talking of which, I would hit… Continue reading Self-improvement & Gym

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Video Games & Its Value

Learning can become even more vigorous than ever before with the help us with visualisation and sounds. However, it's still a vague idea regarding academic and efficiency. There are 2 reasons for us to consider the advantages of using Video Games as a way of learning or even inspiring people to develop themselves with knowledge… Continue reading Video Games & Its Value

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The Afternoon Break

Lunch Breaks at work, is it the “Golden Time” to determines success or failure in your career or even yourself? Most of us would say that our lunch break shall take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then spend time on the internet for other activities. Notably, we have lots of activities to improve… Continue reading The Afternoon Break

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Leadership & Gender

Leadership is not a newfangled topic anymore, and people can search for the definition throughout the internet or join a class of how to become an effective or proactive leader. However, the idea of leading an organisation seems to have a misunderstanding between capability and gender. Firstly, the idea of directing people isn't approaching with… Continue reading Leadership & Gender