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How Childhood Experiences Can Shape People In Different Ways

It is really impressive of how these pictures can show me the way I am now. Sometimes it is hard to describe my inner feelings, this will help me a lot in any way. Thank you for sharing. One of the most important thing that I’ve learnt from these pictures is how me and my beloved one can stay together in harmony.

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They perceive the world through different lens…Childhood images.001

The approaches they use to interact with others…Childhood images.002

How they are perceived differently in other people’s eyes…Childhood images.003

When they are in the workplace…Childhood images.004

In their free time…Childhood images.006

When they are in a relationship…Childhood images.007

Their life missions…Childhood images.005

story of my life

A Positive Mind Must Be Learnt

I know it might sounds crazy, but for the last more than 6 years in living without a positive mind, made me like a mad man and tough to deal with. At the beginning, there was no reason at all for me to cheers about something, think about good sides of someone; everything is dark and hard to trust. In this time, trust and luck are really something that I was strongly believe that such a thing didn’t exist in my Wold of living. Along the way, my characteristics were strange, unfriendly and always had a deadly cold eyes since I didn’t want people to come and hang around.

Then, I met my girl, one of the most beautiful and lovely woman that I’ve ever seen in my life. For the very first time I could understand myself, my inner feelings toward to her that it seems like I found trust again and what people so call: happiness and luck.Our characteristics are very different, exactly like what you could find in “Man from Mars and Woman from Venus”. At some points, I don’t have enough courage to expose myself with these new feelings, but from time, she showed me what needs to be done and how should I think about something, more importantly is how to act and think with a positive mind. Until now, I can work and live a happier life more than ever before, it is not because I read something out of the book or learnt from a movie, but from my relationship, I spend more time with my better half on education, vacation, explore new places and even face into our fears together. Into those things, there are goals and opportunities for me to know more about myself, a trail to follow and expose my positive mind onto something. These are the sense of accomplishment, courage to go after new goals, and lasting increased confidence

Some fears maybe even hindering you professionally. Those fears might be real or not, it doesn’t matter, the moment I chose to do it, I knew that something will be there and wait for me. Use these techniques when I want to do something different in my life or to set a goal for personal growth. Embrace the uncertainties that I have to face, and have the confidence which I can handle whatever comes my way. These are my own milestones to grow myself up from negative mind, how about yours?

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Singapore Trip (Part 1)

After 3 years of leaving Singapore, I returned to Vietnam and push myself so hard to prove that I am capable of doing things in any job that I can enroll in. It seems like my 2nd new-beloved family was giving another chance of returning to this beautiful place, where I have learnt everything that I need to be standout and be able to live by myself.


During my internship program, I did quite a good job on handling the tasks and developing my own skills into another new level, but then, all of the sudden that came out of nowhere, my bosses called my over into the meeting room and asked me “How do you feel about this job?” I thought that it is normal to raise that question before my period is going to an end soon enough. My heart was raced a little bit but it was outta control since they called another 3 staffs inside the room, then this happened: We knew that our Company’s Trip in Da Lat last time was a cool experience, but this time, we will go to somewhere else, over the sea.


So we had to guess what was that place, all of our thoughts were about Con Dao, Phu Quoc and stuff like that, the answer was a “No”, then by the time I think about that place, our bosses said it would be Singapore. And the reasons why were we had to learn and see how we can change our ways of working together, how do we feel about push ourselves out of the comfort zone and take real closer look besides of pictures, films about Singapore. This was an opportunity for all of members from my company to see the most beautiful and advanced country by the name of “Dragon of the Southeast Asia”.

Therefore, everybody in that room on the day, we were selected as members who were going to organize this trip from the very first step until the end of it. You wanna know my true feeling? Of course, happy and worry and way much more than that. How do you plan to take all of these people to Singapore without leaving anyone behind? Furthermore, more than half of the company is never ever step outside of Vietnam before, which means that they are having no passport, and really then, we ONLY have 1 MONTH to prepare everything.

Looking for my experience of organizing things, along with my feelings? Wait and see, maybe it will not be so great or magnificent like yours, but hey, this is my VERY FIRST experience of how to organize a trip to another country for 20 people and more. Please note that, you can always ask me question in comments below, then I will try to answer it with my story.

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Money and Life


Run like never before, learn and apply what you think is right, beware of the environment and wait for the most suitable moment to shine bright. My feeling is over the place and only think about how to make money, even from the least aspect of this small market, I still want to make a fortune out of life. There are so much things to do but how we do it is more important. There was time I eager and push myself so hard to make big money but then, everything turns out to be blue and so meaningless. With money I can buy anything I want but what is the purpose behind is another problem. In between of feeling and logic, we have to balance and stay strong with the way we are.

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Be Happy Be Yourself Be Responsible

Some people say that love is hard and harsh sometimes, happiness and relationship are like something out of the blue and drive people crazy about it, make them feel up and down all the time. But then, what would you gonna do about it? Run away or accept the way it is? Neither of them will depends on your decision, but for now, I will put down some notes for my own and maybe this time with these notes, you can find something useful for yourself and your partner too.

To Become Happy & Earn Some Respect: Be Responsible

That’s right! Something that you will find it funny and nothing relate to happiness but then, think about when is the last time you decide and take action on something? How do you feel about it when everything’s finished by your own thoughts and steps? Every first step might be hard for you, of course, but don’t let this stop you from becoming someone who is willing to step forward, look into things and decide what to do about it rather than sit back and relax, wait for it to be ended by someone else.

It is good to chill out and we will find it really happy at first…then people will start to look at us with a disappointed eye or worst, because they know that somehow we are not interesting in anything, or willing to do anything. The relationship will getting worse from time, and we start to notice that no one will like to talk or share things to us. Don’t let this happen, one day we will sing “Lonely! I’m Mr. Lonely! I have no body!”

Live in the Moment

Every moment is fleeting, and our time on this earth is short. Everything that we experience is only temporary; nothing lasts forever. Be focus on what you are doing, and what you can do to enhance the situation to workout in your favor. Getting comfortable during times of peace isn’t a suitable practice. Letting your motivation down won’t bring any good for you later on. Always upholding the beauty of every moment, and build for the future today, your own future and be responsible with every single steps you have made.

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Joyful and Happiness

It is hard to express my feeling since this is my first time of having a blog and actually buy a domain for it. Now we can see the domain is not but

This decision was hard for me since I have a really low budget and keep thinking whether to buy it or not, but then, I made it…Thank you, my followers and my friends, on besouls blog. I really do appreciate every comment and like and share from you all. I hope that in the near future, my blog will contribute and give some more good stories so that you guys can share and read about it.


Learning Blog 101

There will be lots of question of how to do blog and believe me, I have to research like you for about 3 months before setting up this blog. Now, you are having a chance like me, to study about Blog. Hope that you will join and complete the course with me.

Gain confidence behind your camera, and walk away with some great images for your site.

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Minimalism and Current Life

The modern age has created a culture of convenience and consumerism. This “Push-Button Society” that we live in has paved the way for a faster, more demanding lifestyle than what previous eras have offered. We fall into the trap of convenience and consumerism believing that all the advances in technology help with everything and don’t […]

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“Lovely” Things In My Meeting

I am not that type of person run around and point the finger at problems, and say “Please fix it and do that!” but by the time I have to say it which means the situation is not comfortable at all and need to take an action.

Meeting with an Incompleted Task

For today, I met someone, or in fact, a whole team which currently is doing a project together with my production team. They are totally  nice, good guys to talk with but a little problem with that is they can’t make things in order. Can you imagine that my project was started in way back a year ago, and until now they came up with a meeting without any more added value things to discuss and develop? Things could be better if they presented to me and my boss a completed pieces of work but it turned out to be a demo. The next thing my whole team heard was like this:

In general, the software is DONE, but still has SOME bugs and defects

For just a second, I thought that he was making a joke about our software ….then everything he said was true, my boss turned to me and his eyes told me like this:

Do we have time for this?

I knew my boss’ feeling since we had to wait for this moment so long and received so little on the result. When I required his team to gave us some back-end work ( it is about code and transcript) which is how they structured those things, the answer was a postpone that let us wait for another 4 working days because they did all things in their mind. How genius and adorable was that? I was about to ask whether they could make it in time for us, my boss gave a signal for my team to leave the room.

After the Meeting

I know that the story is only a recap our daily meeting, you could be in a worse situation than mine since later on, I discovered the reason behind their mistakes: they didn’t shape their team members into the same page, they also didn’t set a realistic goal to achieve. So these are two among many problems that I could tell you about it. What do you think? There are way more than that and of course, leave your comments below and show me more about what could have been done to make our meetings better.