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How Childhood Experiences Can Shape People In Different Ways

It is really impressive of how these pictures can show me the way I am now. Sometimes it is hard to describe my inner feelings, this will help me a lot in any way. Thank you for sharing. One of the most important thing that I've learnt from these pictures is how me and my… Continue reading How Childhood Experiences Can Shape People In Different Ways

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Money and Life Run like never before, learn and apply what you think is right, beware of the environment and wait for the most suitable moment to shine bright. My feeling is over the place and only think about how to make money, even from the least aspect of this small market, I still want to make a… Continue reading Money and Life

story of my life

Joyful and Happiness

It is hard to express my feeling since this is my first time of having a blog and actually buy a domain for it. Now we can see the domain is not but This decision was hard for me since I have a really low budget and keep thinking whether to buy it… Continue reading Joyful and Happiness